ACP : Link Roundups

Many blogs do a daily or weekly link round up where they post their favorite links from around the web.

Here are a few examples of link roundups:
Crowd Springs Twitter Link Roundup
Wix Roundup of Tools for Small Business Owners
Real Capital – Content Marketing News Roundup

Getting featured on a link round up is great, it will bring you traffic and backlinks.

The best way to manufacture a link on a link roundup is to manually submit your content directly to the blogger. To find bloggers who are posting in your niche, try some of these searches:

Link roundup + “fitness” / “niche world”
Daily link roundup
Weekly link roundup
“Niche+Weekend Reading”
“Monday link roundup” (Replace Monday with any day of the week)

You should also try doing the above searches on Twitter and Google+

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