Lesson 1

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Before we embark into each of the course lessons it might be worth mentioning that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a something that is governed by Google and their employees and their shareholders. Diving into SEO training without reading and understanding the Googlers official stance is somewhat silly so we have devoted lesson 1 to “Google’s Perspective”.

We copied and pasted the 5 most important pages Google on the topic of webmastery and SEO. You will need to read and understand each of these sections.

  1. Google Basics
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Paid Links
  4. Webmaster Tools
  5. Link Schemes

The Rest of Lesson 1

This course leveraged off may years of commercial SEO experience from all the industries top experts. Tried and tested techniques and the most up-to-date strategies in the search industry today. By cutting out the hype and heresy we have constructed a simple factual guide that will assist anyone from a novice to expert level in the shortest time frame possible. (So think about this course as the ultimate cheat sheet earned by years of hard work.)

By learning the glossary and acronyms page in any IT certification course you can tick off about 20 to 30% of the test marks. Knowing the acronyms (even if they are initially confusing) instantly empowers to have the upper hand in wizardry conversations with other “SEO experts“, perhaps you want to baffle a few clients. So learn/read/study this uber cool glossary of terms and acronyms  coz you are going to need it floating round your head sooner or later.

Let’s Kick it Off!

Even if you’re an Internet beginner, the information contained in this course will start making sense to you once you begin to familiarize yourself more and more with the Internet, web design, and source code.

In fact, you’ll likely even start to gain a direct advantage over many of the so-called pros simply due to the dynamic nature of the industry and the collaborative nature of this course outline.

This course is divided into eight core lessons.

The intention is to train these 7 lessons in 8 full day workshops, however you can do just as well by reading the course and following the lesson plans on your own.

It is highly recommended that you complete the course prior to starting any “SEO magic” on real live client websites. Please read through the official Google doctrine on what they find as acceptable rules of engagement before embarking on SEO strategies AKA the counter attack.

This course is intended to boil down the bullshit and drill over 14 years practical experience from countless experts into a guide that takes the reader from noob to pro. Sure we copy-paste from some key Google documents,  hack videos from youtube and quote key industry figures to get the job done.

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