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This checklist will work for sharing all forms of content whether it is a blog post, eBook, video or white paper. However, if your content is some form OTHER than a blog post, you should also be writing a post about it on your blog. So, while not all content has to be blog related, you should always be blogging, no matter what your content type.

If you don’t have a blog, check out this video: How to Create a WordPress Blog in Under 5 Minutes

The next step is to prepare a summary of your content.

Make Sure your Content is Epic

There is a huge caveat to this checklist is that your content must be EPIC. If you create crap content, most of these techniques will yield little to no results and will be a huge waste of time. If you don’t know what epic content is, take a look at these guides:

Now you have your epic content, its time to prepare it for promotion. I use Evernote to do this, but you can easily use Notepad, Word etc..


I usually prepare a number of headlines (5-10). I keep the best for myself then use the rest for posting on social media, content syndication and content re-purposing (i.e naming a slide show or .pdf etc).

Brief Description

Write a few of these, each one to three sentences long. These are needed when submitting to many sites.

Post Excerpt

Grab the first paragraph from your post or the intro.


Take the URL of your post and your blog, you can also add tracking IDs with Google Analytics to track different traffic sources.

Shortened URL is the most popular

Once you’ve prepared your post, its time to start promoting! Follow the below checklist to generate a huge wave of traffic to every piece of content you create.

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